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Become a Rustic Party Angel!


As well as our website, the Rustic Angels also enjoy hosting parties at homes of our customers throughout the Surrey area.  If you would like us to visit you, or would like to become a party host in your part of the UK, drop us an email using the contact form below, or give us a ring on 0208 239 1134.


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Becoming a Rustic Angel Party Planner


We are always delighted to welcome new Angels into the fold to share our lovely products with their friends and colleagues. This isn’t a complicated process, as we like to keep it fairly informal, but here are the basic requirements:-

You will purchase an initial start-up package of stock from us at a 10% discount on retail prices.  We can advise on the amount of stock required but usually your start up package will cost from £500.00 to £1,000.00.  One of our agents purchased a minimal amount of stock and produced their own catalogue (very enterprising) which they successfully sell from at parties.  There are lots of different ways you can run your Rustic Angels party plan business and we encourage our agents to share their ideas.  We can run through some of the best ideas that work consistently if you are interested in becoming an agent.

After your party, send orders and payment to us etc, we will give you a 20% commission on all orders placed at your parties.

Your customers purchases will be sent directly to you by courier (we charge £8.00 per box) for you to distribute to your customers directly.


Testimonial from Claire and Lisa in Builth, Wales.

Claire and Lisa have been running Rustic Angels parties in Builth, Wales for the last 6 months.

“We loved your products and we were sure everyone in Builth would as well and we were not wrong!  The parties are fun, a great way of socialising and meeting new people and earning extra money.  Having young families we love the flexibility of being our own bosses and our business is really flourishing with parties booked in months ahead.  We love it!”



Things to think about..

Do we require our party planners to find parties on their own.

Yes.  It is up to the individual party planner to obtain party bookings.


Do we provide any stationery or advertising material?

Yes.  Order pads are available to purchase and we can send you our logo via email to use on your promotional leaflets which agents are expected to produce themselves at their own cost.


Am I restricted to selling your products only at parties?

No.  Not just limited to parties,  you can do summer fetes, charity fundraisers, car boots, pub parties,  salons, etc.  These will all earn you money and open up new avenues for parties too.


Invite us to hold a Rustic Angels party in your Surrey home


We are based in Sutton, (near Reigate) in Surrey, and will happily bring our product to you if you live within a 30 mile radius.   We can transform your home into a Shabby Chic wonderland with our lovely product -and you get 10% commission on all sales,  to spend with us on the night.


Here is a video of our latest Summer Launch party to give you a taster. If you would like to find out more use the form below to contact us.



Use this form to send us an enquiry about Rustic Angels Parties:


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