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1950’s Theme to the Diamond Jubilee Event at Battersea Park

We hope you had a lovely Diamond Jubilee weekend and any celebrations you went to weren’t washed out buy the disappointing weather!

Battersea Park was the setting for a glorious 1950’s vintage fair on Sunday, to coincide with the River Pageant passing by for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.  We braved the crowds and the threat of rain to attend the event, and were rewarded with a lovely atmosphere and with revellers, entertainment and sideshows that had really made the effort with the 1950’s theme.  Here are some of the highlights of our lovely day out:

The Powder Room 1950's makeover
The Powder Room – a 1950’s beauty parlour, where you can have a ’50’s makeover!

steam fair at Battersea Park Diamond Jubilee 2012

Ride at the Diamond Jubilee Vintage Steam Fair at Battersea Park

Vintage Fair swings

Brightly painted and beautifully restored swings at the Vintage Fair

Pretty vintage caravan at Jubilee Vintage Fair

This lovely vintage caravan caught my eye!

Steam fair attraction

All the fun of the fair! The vintage steam fair had some charming attractions, all lovingly restored.

Diamond Jubilee Vintage hairdo

More makeover tents around Battersea Park

headbands for the Diamond Jubilee

Red White and Blue Floral head dresses made to measure!

floral head dress

Jubilee head dresses were worn around Battersea Park

Vintage Bandstand

The heart of the vintage entertainment - the 1950's bandstand


Some '50's spivs! Maybe he's got black market stockings in that suitcase!?

The Bombshellettes

All girl swing band the Bombshellettes got the crowd dancing, as the BBC Cameraman gets a close up!

The Bombshellettes

"Don't Sit under the Apple Tree, with anyone else but me...."

The Bombshellettes

Girls from the band looking great and sounding brilliant

Swing jivers

The swing jivers in the crowd strut their stuff!

Battersea Park big screen

Only meters from the river, but this was the only view we could get.

standing on roof

Some people will risk life & limb for a good view. Look in the distance, up on the rooftops!

All in all a lovely day out and a great memory of the Diamond Jubilee!

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Best of British! Make a patriotic style statement with Union Jack Home Accessories

Proud to be British?  So are Rustic Angels, the shabby chic, retro and vintage home décor specialists, whose alternative take on Union Jack home accessories and gifts make a vivid style statement perfect for this exciting year.

Union Jack home accessories and gifts from Rustic Angels

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With all things British currently on trend, add some Union Jack style to your home with the shabby chic twist Rustic Angels are famous for:

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A Lovely Vintage Find

As usual I was to be found trapsing round charity shops on a recent weekend away and I found this lovely little vintage sewing basket to add to my ever growing vintage collection.

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Union Jack Bunting

Union Jack BuntingWith the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics coming up Union Jack Bunting is hugely popular at the moment so we have put together a great selection of our favourites for you to chooses from.  Great for your garden or street party this summer!

Union Jack Bunting from Rustic Angels

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Shabby Chic Accessories

Shabby Chic Accessories from House of Fraser.  The Shabby Chic® brand was founded by designer Rachel Ashwell in 1989. It has since gone on to become a global success story, loved for its timeless design and vintage-inspired feel. We are delighted that we can now offer you authentic Shabby Chic accessories via House of Fraser, one of our trusted partner sites..

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