New retro puppy dog door stop designs coming soon!!


We are always getting new brochures and the occasional (very occasional) free gifts from our suppliers so imagine how happy we were to receive a couple of gingerbread doggy biscuits and a doggy biscuit cutter to promote some new additions to the Wish retro puppy dog door stop range.

Building on the huge success of the puppy dog door stops in 2009 we are thrilled to announce that very soon you will be able to buy the puppy dog door stops in 3 tartan designs – Royal Stuart, Black and White and “McDoogle”.

tartan-puppy-door-stop black-tartan-puppy-door-stop


We will also be introducing 2 new and exclusive puppy dog door stops in “Big Jack” pink and green! Very retro!!

This really is a great range of British designed & manufactured doorstops, all superbly crafted using only the finest materials. Quintessentially quirky and at around 2kg, they are weighty enough to do the job designed for.   That, of course, doesn’t stop people buying the dogs just to have as friends!   They are suitable for all rooms, from hall to lounge, from kitchen to bedroom.   All puppies come complete in a calico drawstring gift bag with a brown leather collar and so really make a great and unusual gift. 

These original door stops are fast becoming a true design classic.  So put the Great back into Britain and grab yours today!

Have a look at our complete range of puppy dog door stops here.

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  1. DogDoors says:

    The retro puppy dog door so cute and have so many colors to let us choose. Thanks for sharing!

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