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A Lovely Vintage Find

I was away in Stafford with friends last weekend and after having a particulary yummy (probably the yummiest I have ever had!) cream tea in The 16th Century Soup Kitchen we decided a little stroll around the town would be a good idea.

After wandering down some very pretty old lanes we stumbled across a very full charity shop.  I have never been able to pass a charity shop by so in we all trooped for a little nosey around.  The shop was full of the usual crockery, old games, books and clothes that you would expect to find but my eye was immediately drawn to this charming little red vintage sewing box.  I am guessing it is a good 20 – 30 years old and came complete with a few old pins and lots of dust.  Don’t you just love the butterfly clasp?

I promptly scooped it up at a bargain price of £4.50 and left the shop with a little grin on my face.   I haven’t decided what I will use it for yet – maybe another sewing box (though I do have quite a few already!) perhaps a jewellery storage box or maybe somewhere to keep all my little bits and bobs.  At the moment it is sitting in my office where I am enjoying just looking at it!  But what was interesting about my purchase was the look of horror on one of our friend’s faces.  She asked what I had bought so I proudly showed her my purchase and I got a look which said – you have got to be joking!

This then really got me thinking – what do us vintage fashionistas find so appealing about old artefacts that our comtemporary counterparts find so abhorrent.  So I spoke to her about it.  She hated the fact that people had touched it or used it and that somehow it was now dirty or tainted and full of germs and bacteria.  She made it very clear that under no circumstances would anything second hand ever set foot into her home.  There was literally no way she was going to even touch something vintage.  I find this train of thought so hard to comprehend.  For me the charm of buying something second hand is the fact that it has had an owner before, it has history and has had someone to love it and use it and by purchasing it I am keeping history alive in some way.

My love of anything vintage encompasses clothes (at the moment 40’s and 50’s are on my hit list), furniture (I have a lovely old tea trolley just crying out for a new coat of paint) and crockery – we now hire vintage crockery for all occasions.  In truth I love rooting about at flea markets and vintage fairs in the hope of finding a wonderful piece of history.   One of my children is firmly behind me in my vintage endeavours while the other 2 cannot see the fascination at all.  Of course, it wouldn’t do for us all to be vintage lovers – I really don’t think there is enough to go around – but if I can fill my home with some pre-owned goodies from the past I feel my life is just a little bit richer.  I now have my eyes firmly set on a vintage caravan – the one in mind is 42 years old but she is a beauty.  Hopefully the next time I blog I will have her in my possession…….





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