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Milano 10 Cup Cafetiere

Top Quality Brushed Stainless Steel, 10 cup stove top coffee pot cafetiere. Cristel Say: The coffee smell in the kitchen. The Italian coffeepot sound: a pure pleasure moment. The coffee strength, the softness of a shared moment.


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Le Vrai Gourmet glass 8 cup cafetiere

Le Vrai Gourmet glass 8 cup cafetiere

Stylish, quick and easy to use cafetiere from Le Vrai Gourmet. Simply use ground coarse coffee, add hot water and stir, then simple press after 4 minutes and enjoy.


8 Cup Café Ole Jazz Cafetiere, Orange

8 Cup Café Ole Jazz Cafetiere, Orange

8 Cup Cafe Ole Jazz Cafetiere with Orange holder. Jazz up your coffee mornings with a brightly coloured cafetiere as part of the Jazz Cafe Ole collection from Grunwerg! Everyone has a favourite morning ‘wake me up’ drink. Some people like Arabica, some people like Robusta. Some people like to have it in bed, some people like to have it with breakfast. Whatever your preference have it from a Café Ol? Jazz! The Café Ol? Jazz range is a new coffee range from Grunwerg. Using the traditional caf?tierre design, Grunwerg have brought colour to your morning coffee. Available in 4 vibrant colours; orange, grey, lime green and purple these products will set the perfect ambience to any morning. Choose from either a traditional 8 cup design to share from, or an individual caf?tierre, available in the same colours. You will never have arguments about how strong to have the coffee again! Also available are co-ordinating cups, perfect for camping, caravanning or taking on picnics. Designed with a soft touch, non slip handle for easy pouring. Have it your way. Have it with Café Ol? Jazz!

Cook In Style

Bodum glass Chambord 8 cup cafetiere

Bodum glass Chambord 8 cup cafetiere

Bodum offers an assortment of quality tea and coffee makers, servers and accessories with a stylish, easy-use design. This original 8 cup chrome coloured Chambord cafetierre is a French-style press coffee device that holds up to 3 cups worth of coffee.