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Hy-land Commercial Playground - Project 1

Are you planning a new and affordable solution for a children's playground? A compact tower or a large playground structure? Hy-land provides a large range of Projects to turn your available space into a unique and challenging playground. Hy-land's biggest Project can accommodate up to 12 children at a time. Any Hy-land playground is robust and durable. Smartly designed and easily installed due to its modular characteristic: all designs are based on 2 basic frames. Hy-land commercial playgrounds are specially designed for restaurants, hotels, stores, day care centres, sports clubs, campsites, pubs and community areas. Each Hy-land Project comes with a Hy-Slide. Its mounting hardware secures this heavy-duty slide both to the 1.50m high platform and the construction site. The use of UV-resistant HDPE structural foam enables the Hy-Slide to withstand the rigorous use of a commercial playground. For any available area and the number of children you wish to accommodate, you will find a suitable Hy-land Project. The range of commercial Playgrounds are made up of 8 Projects. Quality - The heavy-duty Hy-land components and hardware meet the highest standards and are regularly tested for strength and durability. They are weather resistant and galvanized coated. Safety - Hy-land playground structures are carefully engineered to ensure optimum safety. All Hy-land are type-approved by TUV Rheinland, Germany according to European Standard EN 1176-1:2008 - for usage on public playgrounds. To mark each individual final Hy-land playground as approved, Hy-land has developed this special Logo ID plate to identify with the stickers from the provided sticker-sheet. Simplicity - Hy-land playgrounds are easily installed and require low maintenance. You can find all the information you need in the 4 Parts of the owner manual. Part 1 General & Safety, Part 2 Cutting & Drilling, Part 3 Assembly, Part 4 Inspection & Maintenance. Inspections - For the administration of the required periodical inspection and maintenance, a practical checklist and logbook template are provided. Project 1 Specification: Users: 4 children Assembly time: 4 hours by 2 people User age: 3 - 12 year Height: 2.30 m Platform height: 1.50 m Critical fall height: 1.50 m Playground area surface: Conform EN 1177 Kit Content (ABC): Owner manual Logbook template Durable polyamide bolt covers Rough-coated steel hand grips Climbing rocks Steel roof mounting brackets Non-slip coated ladder rungs Multi purpose brackets Triple-coated hardware and dedicated tools Sandbox ground cover and top cover 3D leveller tool Aluminium ID-plate Drilling and spacing tool Hy-Slide mounting hardware


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