» A Rockabetty Studios Makeover!

A Rockabetty Studios Makeover!

It was some time ago that I went to have my Rockabetty Studios Makeover and you have probably all seen my pics but I thought it was about time that I got round to blogging to you about it.

I had been wandering around the Vintage Fair at Bourne Hall one Saturday morning and found myself signing up the following week for a 1950’s makeover (purely for research purposes you understand!)

The woman behind Rockabetty is photographer, Lex.  She graduated in Photography in 2009 and knew she had something to offer other females with a passion for all things vintage but was unsure where to start. Rockabetty Studios now transforms ladies of all ages from Modern Mary to Pin-up Pippa!   With a team of female stylists and assistants, Lex puts a lot of time into customer care and takes notice of any requirements. What happens at a shoot stays at a shoot!

Lex and her sister Amy came to the Vintage Fair with a plethera of 1950’s outfits and just to be a little bit different I chose the red, white and blue sailors outfit.  Got to say, it was a little embarrassing sitting in the middle of the fair with the public streaming by and one’s chest and legs quite exposed!

Once I had decided on this cute little Sailors outfit Lucy from Hair That Turns Heads got to work on the hair.

By the way, check out the lovely gallery pictures on Lucy’s website – not only for inspiration but also I think you might see me lurking there….

 She gave me a lovely little victory roll that would sit to the side of the sailors hat and tonged the rest of my hair and set in curlers…….

She then pinned on the little sailors hat to the side of my head.

 Lex and Amy were on hand to apply the obligatory black eyeliner…….

and I added a touch of blusher and of course some Ruby red lips … and I was good to go.

I was a tad embarrassed in front of the camera but I have to say Amy made me feel quite relaxed and I actually did manage to smile on demand – I have never been very good at smiling for photos!

 More smiles….

I then had a look through the pics with Amy to check that I was happy with what we had done and after a little post production Lex sent me through a couple of lovely pics but this was my favourite.  So for any of you out there that fancy a 1950’s glamour girl makeover I would thoroughly recommend it – it is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

 Once back in my civvies it seemed a waste not to put my makeover to a good use so I went jiving down The Albert in Kingston which is run by Lee at the Vintage Record Player.  What a great day it was!




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