Upcycling at its best!

I have just spent a wonderful weekend giving a plain old boring pine chest of drawers a makeover and have upcycled it into a glamourous grey chest of drawers with fancy knobs to match!



 The chest of drawers was quite decorative with beaded drawers and groove detailing down the sides.  Luckily it had never been waxed or varnished so preparation was minimal – I only had to get rid of any dust (there was quite a lot of that tho!)

I gave it all a thorough coat of primer and undercoat and left it to dry (annoyingly bought oil based primer which took 16 hours to dry!)  So slept on it and the next day went back and started to apply colour – The Sanctuary – Lady Grey – a really gorgeous muted grey.

Once the paint was bone dry I added a layer of clear Briwax all over and buffed.  This gives a durable finish to your furniture and brings out a nicer depth of colour.  I then changed the plain wooden knobs for some lovely cracked grey/cream ceramic ones – what a difference!


And voila, one lovely glamorous chest of drawers!  I’ve really enjoyed this upcycling lark and am now itching to get on with my next project….

If you’ve upcycled something drop us a pic and some blurb – we’d love to hear from you!


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